An urban fantasy Cinderella retelling, starting April 26th, 2019.

More details coming soon!

  • City of Wishes begins Friday, April 26th.
  • Episodes will be released every second Friday.
  • Episodes will be available on ALL retailers (including subscription services Scribd and Playster) as well as libraries.
  • There will be 8-10 episodes (the series is a work in progress so I can’t give you an exact number yet).
  • In terms of length, each episode is about a third of a novel (episode #1, for example, is just under 27,000 words, or roughly 120 pages in print).
  • Episode #1 and #2 will be live on April 26, with preorders becoming available for the episodes that follow.
  • You get to read episode #1 for FREE before anyone else! I’ll be sharing it one or two chapters at a time in weekly emails to you, starting Friday, March 8!
  • If you like physical editions of your books, there will be a paperback of each episode, BUT I’m also planning a beautiful big hardcover edition of the full “season” once it’s complete 😉

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