Age: 17
Family: Both my parents died on separate Guild assignments and left me with a grand total of zero siblings.
Likes: Training, reading, my pet Filigree, my bow and arrow, rainbow lollipops, training … and more training.
Dislikes: Failure, Ryn, having to kill an assignment, having to talk about my feelings.
Current life status: Training with the Creepy Hollow Guild. Will be graduating in two months.
Current purpose in life: Prevent a human boy from being attacked in his bedroom by a half-naked, scaly-skinned fae woman. Oh, and don’t get killed. That one’s kind of important too.
Plans for the future: To graduate as the top guardian of my year and then probably get a job with the Guild.
Special skills: You bet! Of the dangerous-fae-butt-kicking kind. Think … ninja-gymnastic-attack skills.
Anything else you’d like to add: Um … Some people think I’m a snob, but I’m not really. I’m just super dedicated to my training, which doesn’t leave much time for hanging out. They may also think it’s weird that I’m so close to my mentor Tora, but she was the only one who was really there for me when my father died and I had no one else left, so … yeah. My mentor rocks!


Age: 17
Family: Father and step-mother. No siblings.
Likes: Xbox, movies, running, computer games, hanging out with friends.
Dislikes: spinach (does anyone actually really like that stuff?), guys at the gym who stare at themselves in the mirror, conflict.
Current life status: High school senior
Current purpose in life: Uh … graduate high school?
Plans for the future: Off to college to study Chemistry (I’m smarter than I look, okay!)
Special skills: Does dragging myself out of beg at 5 a.m. every morning to go running count? It should.
Anything else you’d like to add: I’m not the most popular guy in school, but I’m not the least popular either. I take my studies seriously, but I also like to think I’m a pretty laid back kinda person. Oh, and freaky stuff like magic? Well, it’s cool in computer games, but there’s no way it’s actually real, right?


Age: 18
Family: I’d rather not talk about my family situation.
Likes: Training, staying up to date with the latest spells and magical gadgets, pegasus polo (I played when I was younger, but now I just follow the main teams), reading, obstacle courses (I wish they’d do them more often in training).
Dislikes: Those pipsqueak first-years (we were never that pathetic, I’m sure), that emo music Aria put on my sound drops, Violet, emotional people, being told what to do.
Current life status: In my final year of training with the Guild.
Current purpose in life: I haven’t visited my mentor yet today for an assignment update, but it’s probably something epic like saving the life of a super-hot damsel in distress.
Plans for the future: Get a job with the Guild, but not the one in Creepy Hollow. I’d like to get far away from here. (And if I could graduate top of the class, thereby kicking Violet’s ass, that would be good too.)
Special skills: I’m a guardian. Do you have to ask?
Anything else you’d like to add: No. Stop asking me personal questions.


Age: 35
Family: My parents are both still around, though neither of them work for the Guild anymore. I have one brother, Flint, and he works for security at the Guild.
Likes: Liquorice loops (the ones that change color), the smell of new reed paper, pegasus racing (don’t tell, but I’ve actually placed bets before—and won a few times!), my bed (I wish I could sleep more and work less!).
Dislikes: Crowds, paperwork, that vine around the Guild’s main stairway that keeps growing down our corridor and tripping everyone, my cooking.
Current life status: A mentor at the Guild in Creepy Hollow.
Current purpose in life: Get my star trainee Violet to graduate top of her class (which should be easy as long as she doesn’t mess up now).
Plans for the future: Well, I plan to be with the Guild for at least the next few decades. After that … I don’t really know yet. I’ve still got centuries laid out before me!
Special skills: I’d say the patience required to deal with trainees every day is an incredibly special skill—and I’m not even sure I have it sometimes!
Anything else you’d like to add: I’m the youngest mentor working at the Guild in Creepy Hollow, and I know it really irritates the older mentors that my very first trainee is one of the best the Guild has seen in years. Apparently you’re only supposed to have that kind of bragging right once you’ve been a mentor for a while. Anyway, this probably makes me a bad person, and I’d never tell Violet because I’m supposed to be a good role model and everything, but sometimes I just want to go up to those stuck-up mentors and say, In your face! Yeah! (Wait, who sees the answers I’m filling in here?)