For Readers Based in South Africa …

For Readers of Ebooks

If you have a Kindle … The easiest option for you is probably still to buy from Amazon. I know, they charge in dollars and they add on VAT (and sometimes a “delivery fee,” although that seems to have changed lately), which sucks. But that’s the way they do it. If you have a UK Amazon account, that also works.

If you have a device with iBooks … I’m sorry, but Apple doesn’t yet allow publishers to sell books on the South African iBookstore. If, however, you have an American or British (or other) account with Apple, then you’re sorted. All my books are available in the American iBookstore (and iBookstores in 50 other countries).

If you like to pay in rands, not dollars … Then Kobo might be a good option for you. They display prices in rands (converted from dollars using the current exchange rate). If you don’t have a Kobo ereader, you can easily get the Kobo reading app for Apple or Android devices.


For Readers of Paperbacks


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