Okay, before you get TOO excited, it’s new and also NOT new …

Here’s the deal:

I started writing an extended epilogue for the Creepy Hollow series (one of the many requests when I did that poll earlier this year asking you what kind of bonus content you wanted to read. A sort of … where-are-they-now story, set several months after the end of the series).

Then I started thinking about all the requests I’ve had over the years from readers asking if all these bonus scenes will ever be available in print …

And I decided to put them ALLLLL together into a single edition. I gathered up all those extra scenes/short stories. I re-edited them and made lots of minor changes. I re-wrote The Proposal (it was the only story written in first person present tense, so I changed it to third person past tense to match everything else). I added A Touch of Gold (Tilly’s story, which was originally written for an anthology). And all of THAT became …


And it will be available in ebook, paperback, hardback AND audio!!

I was a little anxious when I first started creating this cover because I just couldn’t seem to get what was in my head out onto the canvas, but then suddenly it started coming together, and now I’m just in LOVE with how it turned out!! ?

If you look closely, you’ll see an element for each of the main characters (Violet, Ryn, Calla, Chase, Tilly, Gemma, Perry, Em and Dash). Dash’s one is small and subtle, and you probably won’t realize what it is until you read the final story in the collection, but you should be able to pick out the others!

Coming Nov 16th!

The ebook is currently available for preorder on Apple Books, Amazon, Google Play, Kobo and Barnes&Noble.

Paperback and hardback preorders still coming!

Return to a hidden world and experience first kisses, exciting quests, and new adventures in this collection of short stories and retold scenes from the bestselling Creepy Hollow series!

Violet is too stubborn and scared to believe that Ryn truly cares about her, but he’ll do whatever it takes to prove himself. This story tells Ryn’s point of view of the magic carpet kiss from The Faerie Prince.

When you’re an overworked guardian, making time for date night is difficult. This story takes place several months after The Faerie War and alternates between Violet and Ryn as one mishap after the next gets in the way of their attempts to have a normal date night.

When Tilly helps two strangers escape from danger, she becomes part of their quest to keep a powerful magical ability out of the wrong hands. This story was originally written for the anthology Once Upon A Quest and is set after The Faerie War.

Violet has a big decision to make regarding her guardian career … and about something else even more life-changing! This story takes place two years after The Faerie War.

Chase is supposed to be one of the most powerful beings in the fae world, but he’s about to be bested by the pretty young thief he just discovered in his living room. This story retells the scene from A Faerie’s Secret in which Chase and Calla first meet.

They’ve been friends since the day he threw a crumpled-up wad of paper at her, but he’s about to discover how much more she means to him. This is the story of Gemma and Perry, two side characters from Calla’s part of the Creepy Hollow series.

Could two Griffin rebels find themselves working at a Guild again? Will a plan revolving around a bagel finally come together? And is there treasure to be found at the end of a quest? Set roughly six months after the end of Rebel Faerie, the final Creepy Hollow book, this story catches up with all the main characters from the series.