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In a world ruled by fae, where magic and wishes are real, the Godmother controls the illegal wish trade. When a wish bargain goes wrong, Cress winds up cursed to an eternal slumber. But a potion that gives her the ability to travel through dreams may be the key to her escape.

A short story inspired by Sleeping Beauty, set in Rachel Morgan’s City of Wishes world.

I have a new audiobook available for you! And this one is a bit different from my others …

I love audio dramas (you know, where it’s more of a scripted performance with different voices, sound effects and background music rather than just a straight read of the book by a single narrator) and for YEARS I’ve wished I could do something like that for my books.

When I discovered recently that synthetic digital voices have come a long way, I decided to use them to create my own “full cast” audiobook as an experiment.

I chose a short story I wrote a while ago (The Dreamer’s Curse, set in my City of Wishes world) because it’s never been available in audio.

Now you may be thinking one or both of the following things:

  1. Digital synthetic voices? Oh dear. They probably sound like robots.
  2. Wow, Rachel is a terrible person for no longer supporting human narrators.

I can assure you that neither of the above is true! ūü§£

  1. These synthetic voices sound¬†really¬†good (I used ElevenLabs and some of their voices are tough to distinguish from the real thing!). I wouldn’t have gone to the effort of producing this audiobook if I thought it sounded terrible. Listen to a¬†sample¬†(the audiobook trailer)¬†before you judge!
  2. I still ADORE human narrators and plan to continue working with them in the future. But for this kind of project, there’s just no way I could afford to get a “full cast” of narrators/actors together to record this.

Click on the audiobook trailer below to listen to a sample.

Want to listen to the full story? Find The Dreamer’s Curse audiobook in the following places: