Okay. So. It’s been a while … 😂

Here’s the bottom line

Over the past year, I’ve experienced real writer’s block/creative burnout/whatever you want to call it, and every time I’ve tried to continue working on the next book in the Stormfae series (the one after From Storm and Shadow), I’ve managed to move forward only a teeny bit before hitting a creative wall.  🙈

I didn’t want to admit that to you, my awesome readers, but I didn’t have any positive book-related updates, and so I just stopped emailing you altogether.

I’m sorry 😔

The bad news

This means that the next Stormfae book will not be ready any time soon. I WILL continue that series at some point, so don’t worry about me abandoning Silver and Ash forever! They will get their story 😊

(And I still have my plans and plots for other World of Guardians series that haven’t gone anywhere, despite me having difficulty working on them recently.)

The good news

In the process of trying to rediscover my creativity, I’ve written a few other books! (Yes, more than one) So I’ll be introducing you to a new fantasy romance series soon!

For now, here’s what I can tell you:

How it’s different to my other series:

  • A high fantasy setting: all my other series are related in same way to the modern world we know and live in, but for this series, I made up an entirely different world that feels more “high fantasy” and not contemporary.)
  • Fantasy romance = more focus on the romance subplot than most of my other books.
  • No cliffhangers! These books are standalone.

How it’s similar to my other series:

  • A magical world full of wonder for you to escape into.
  • Banter between characters
  • No explicit content. There’s romance and tension and kissing, but no spiciness!

Release date? Hopefully soon!

The OTHER news

In case you missed it when I shared it on social media, Riley is going to be a big sister! Baby Brother is due to arrive at the beginning of August! (Hopefully not any earlier than that 😂)