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17 NOVELS (plus 2 novellas and multiple shorts)





Roughly eleven years ago, I set aside the first (very long, and not particularly good ?) novel I had spent more than a year writing. I decided I would let it sit for a while and write something fun in the meantime. And since I’d been watching multiple authors from the blogging community I was part of experiment with self-publishing (some of them having great success), I decided I wanted to try it out for myself. The whole idea really appealed to my DIY/control-freak side ?

And that was when, as I was thinking about what to write, two words popped into my head … Creepy Hollow.

If that happened now, I would probably Google the phrase “Creepy Hollow” to see what else is out there with this name (there’s a Creepy Hollow Haunted House, a Creepy Hollow Scream Park, Creepy Hollow Woods, and probably more), and then I’d put my marketing hat on and realize that the word “creepy” evokes more of a sense of HORROR rather than fantasy. And then I would abandon the name and try to come up with something else. ? But back then … none of this crossed my mind! ?

So I stuck with Creepy Hollow. I decided to write a series of novelettes featuring magical characters that trained to protect humans from dangerous fae. This would be my self-publishing experiment, and then at some point I’d go back to my first (“real”) novel and start the querying process with traditional publishers.

(Spoiler alert: that never happened ?)

So I organized a blog tour (because that’s what we did back in 2012), I designed my own cover (not the most amazing thing I’ve ever designed, but I don’t think it was TERRIBLE ?), figured out how to format an ebook file (anyone remember Sigil and Mobipocket and Calibre?? ?). and in March 2012, I published my very first title!

Shout-out to all those amazing bloggers who helped me launch my very first title!

During that first year, 2012, (while still teaching high school mathematics and also planning my wedding ?) I released the first four novelettes in the series, Guardian, Labyrinth, Traitor and Masquerade.

The first four novelettes in the Creepy Hollow series

By the time I reached the end of that fourth instalment, I had decided that not only did I prefer the novel form in terms of length and structure of a story, but I also wanted to have an actual, real book I could hold in my hands instead of short ebooks I could only hold on my ereader. So I decided to put those first four instalments together into one novel, and then to continue the series as novels after that.

Those first four parts are what ended up becoming The Faerie Guardian, the book that is still, to this day, the first “official” book in the Creepy Hollow series.

I still remember my excitment as I opened up the box the day my first author copies arrived and I got to hold MY VERY OWN BOOK IN MY HANDS!

That first year was a lot of fun, gaining my first readers and fans, receiving my very first royalty check, discovering how things worked on the various platforms (Amazon’s organic algorithm was AMAZING back then! I’m pretty sure Amazon ads didn’t exist yet. I didn’t know a thing about marketing, so I did ZERO paid advertising, and the algorithm just pushed my titles out to those who would enjoy them! It’s the same today, I suppose, but with a TON more compeition now ?)

I can’t remember when exactly my mindset changed, but I enjoyed self-publishing so much that at some point during that first year of publishing, it became my FIRST CHOICE. I decided not to pursue traditional publishing. (Not that I would say no to the right deal if it came along, but I decided I was going all-in with this indie publishing thing!)


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I’ve created a special 10th anniversary design for the merchandise in my Society6 store. If you zoom in on the design, you’ll see that all the main characters (main character + love interest) from all the books I’ve written over the past ten years are featured in tiny text inside the 1 and 0!

i.e. Vi, Ryn, Calla, Chase, Em, Dash, Ridley, Archer, Elle, Dex, Sarah, Aiden, Livi, Adam, Andi, Noah, Sophie and Caleb.

There are some other secondary characters I really wanted to include, but once I started adding them … the list began to grow too long. ?


I’m giving away 20 signed, personalized prints with the 10th anniversary design (see the picture below) to 20 random people who leave a comment on this blog over the next ten days. All you have to do to enter is comment on this blog post or one of the others between now and March 10th. ?

SCHEDULE: 10 Days Celebrating 10 Years of Publishing

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DAY 9 (2020): The Year That Shall Not Be Named!

DAY 10 (2021): BOOK NEWS! Introducing World Of …

P.S. As I mentioned in my social media posts today, it’s difficult to celebrate anything while Ukrainians are living through the horror of an invasion. There’s a tug of war inside me between the excitement and gratitude I feel over reaching this milestone, and the heartbreak every time I pick up my phone and see another BBC update about the crisis. ?? But I wanted to go ahead anyway and share my gratitude with all of you. It’s only because of READERS that I have this career! THANK YOU!