After a super stressful 2020 (um, understatement? ? I don’t think there’s anyone who DIDN’T have a tough 2020!), I decided to give myself zero publishing deadlines in 2021, follow my creativity wherever it took me, and try to fall in love with storytelling again.

Which I did! Win!

I started a whole bunch of different projects (I’ve lost count of how many ?), added a significant number of words to FOUR of them, and am finally nearing the end of ONE of them.

That book is the start of the new series I’m launching next year, and I’m hoping to share more about it with you in January!

In the meantime, here are the things I DID complete this year:

The Dreamer’s Curse

This is a short Sleeping Beauty retelling featuring the character Cress from my City of Wishes world, which I wrote for the Once Upon A Wish anthology. You can still read it as part of the anthology, or you can now get the story on its own for 99¢.

Date Night

I asked you to vote on a new bonus short story in one of my fictional worlds, and the majority of you chose Creepy Hollow, featuring Vi and Ryn, with adventure vibes and romantic vibes. (Subscribers of my email newsletter can read this story for FREE. Otherwise read it in Of Kisses & Quests!)

Audiobook: Scarlett

This is a Creepy Hollow companion novella that I finally got around to publishing in audio. Find it on all major audio platforms if you’re an audiobook fan!

Audiobook: Raven

Like Scarlett, Raven is a companion novella in the Creepy Hollow world. It’s available on all major audiobook platforms.

Audiobook: Archer’s POV

Selected scenes from the second book in the Ridley Kayne Chronicles, retold from Archer Davenport’s point of view, along with some additional new content, also from Archer’s point of view. This 1.5 hour audiobook is FREE to download if you’re on my email newsletter list!

Updated Creepy Hollow Paperbacks

These updated paperbacks match the ebook covers and are still only available on Amazon stores (because I haven’t had time yet to upload them to the distributor that sends them to all the other online bookstores ?). Amazon sometimes still prefers to display the older paperbacks and makes these ones difficult to find, but this page on my website has all the direct links.

Treasure Hunt

This Creepy Hollow extended epilogue is also FREE to download if you’re on my email newsletter list! It was written for the Of Kisses & Quests collection I put together in November.

Of Kisses & Quests

This Creepy Hollow collection of retold scenes and bonus short stories is available in ALL formats. Ebook,
paperback, hardback and audiobook!
This universal link will take you to all the major platforms for all the formats.