The Faerie Guardian, The Faerie Prince and The Faerie War have all been updated! A number of minor changes (which update the quality, but do not change the storyline) have been made, and the second two books now include bonus scenes at the end!! From whose point of view? Why, Ryn of course. Who else would you want to hear from?! So, if you like to re-read your books, and if you want to read the new bonus scenes at the end of The Faerie Prince and The Faerie War, you’ll need to update your ebook content. See below for instructions.

If you have hard copies of the Creepy Hollow books, or if you were given free ARCs, or if you won e-copies in a giveaway, then you won’t be able to update any ebook content. Instead, you can read the bonus scenes RIGHT HERE ON MY WEBSITE!

–> The Faerie Prince BONUS SCENES

–> The Faerie War BONUS SCENES













I’m not entirely sure about Nook, since I don’t have one! I assume you go to “Manage Account”, then scroll down the page and click either Manage your NOOK or Manage Your NOOK Library. If you’re a Nook owner, please let us know in the comments how to update ebook content on a Nook!