Now that Creepy Hollow is finished (and we’re more than a third of the way through 2018! Eeek!), I thought I should probably update you on what I’m working on at the moment.

There are several projects taking up my brain space at the moment (at least five!), but only two (okay, maybe three) that I’m actively working on. They’re both fantasy, but one is more on the urban fantasy, post-apoc/dystopian-ish side (I still need to figure out exactly how to categorize it!), and the other is more on the high fantasy side, inspired by various fairy tales.

I’m spending more time on Project 1 at the moment, so it’s likely I’ll begin releasing that series first. I’m not setting a firm release date yet, but I will say I’m aiming for July 🙂 Hopefully you’ll hear more from me about this new series in a few weeks. I’m excited to share details!