It’s release day for Elemental Power! Woohoo!

I really enjoyed writing this book—probably because Ridley and Archer spend a lot more time together, and I love writing the kind of banter they have going on 🙂

Plus there’s some romance in this book, and that’s always fun to write 😉

Family secrets, powerful magic, a slow-burn romance.

Grab your copy today to continue the pulse-pounding journey through a dystopian urban fantasy world!

(Not including the rest of the description here because of spoilers for book 1 😉 )






IMPORTANT NOTE: This book will be available on all retailers until the end of this Friday, Nov 9th. It will then be removed from all non-Amazon sites and become part of the Kindle Unlimited catalog. So if you don’t purchase from Amazon, make sure to get your copy of Elemental Power before the end of Friday!

(Also note: this is not a permanent plan 🙂 When there are more books available in this series, the complete series will be moved back to all retailers.)

Happy reading!