Celebrating 10 Years, Day 2

Ten days of giveaways and traveling down publishing memory lane and … new book news! Scroll to the bottom for the schedule.

2013 was the year I became a full-time author!

But not because I could afford it ?

I got married at the end of 2012, moved to a new city, tried to find a teaching job … and couldn’t. So I took that as a sign to give my self-publishing career a real go! This was the year I would complete the Creepy Hollow series (which, at that point, I had told my readers would be a trilogy).

Original three Creepy Hollow covers
The original three covers. I still love these!
The Faerie Prince blog tour

Blog tours were still a thing, and the photo above shows a few of the completely AMAZING bloggers who helped me launch The Faerie Prince into the world in May 2013.

Then something weird happened in June of that year that I still can’t explain. Overnight, on Amazon, The Faerie Guardian and The Faerie Prince sold way more copies than they’d been selling previously. Was it perhaps the algorithm showing my books to exactly the right audience? I don’t know. But I did not complain! In June 2013 I sold about 10x the number of books I’d sold in previous months.

(And paid advertising was still nowhere near being on my radar. ?)

Things slowly declined over the following months, but that didn’t matter too much because, by the time I launched The Faerie War in October 2013, I had a genuine, decent-sized following of fans who were all super excited to read what happened next.

AND I was now earning enough that I could continue to be a full-time author!

Quote from The Faerie War

Up until this point, I had never done a real-world, in-person book launch. All of my book release celebrations had taken place online. But with the release of The Faerie War and the completion of my very first trilogy, I decided I wanted to do a “launch” in person.

We used the hall at the school my mom was working at and sent invitations out to all the schools where I knew I had readers and fans (i.e. all the schools that stocked my books in their libraries). My family and friends helped me set everything up, and a whole load of my past students from the school I had previously taught at came along! So special!

Book Launch
Pretty trilogies all wrapped up.
Book Launch
Creepy Hollow keyrings for giveaways at the book launch
Rachel signing books at book launch
A real author. Signing a real book. ?

Towards the end of the year, I decided to give the ebook versions new covers. I still loved the original ones, but I had noticed that books with faces on the covers tended to capture attention more easily and sell better.

New ebook covers for Creepy Hollow in 2013
Let’s pretend these models all look like they’re 17/18 years old ?
I was featured on a prominent South African children’s literature website!
Review of The Faerie War
One of the best reviews ever ? Cue swooning author!

It’s safe to say that 2013 ended on a high. ?


Reminder: I’ve created a special 10th anniversary design for the merchandise in my Society6 store. If you zoom in on the design, you’ll see that all the main characters (main character + love interest) from all the books I’ve written over the past ten years are featured in tiny text inside the 1 and 0!

i.e. Vi, Ryn, Calla, Chase, Em, Dash, Ridley, Archer, Elle, Dex, Sarah, Aiden, Livi, Adam, Andi, Noah, Sophie and Caleb.

There are some other secondary characters I really wanted to include, but once I started adding them … the list began to grow too long. ?


Another reminder: I’m giving away 20 signed, personalized prints with the 10th anniversary design (see the picture below) to 20 random people who leave a comment on this blog over the next ten days. All you have to do to enter is comment on this blog post or one of the others between now and March 10th. ?

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