Ten days of giveaways and traveling down publishing memory lane and … new book news! Scroll to the bottom for the schedule.

2017: the year I completed the Creepy Hollow series! I introduced readers to Emerson, and her story kicked off with Glass Faerie.

My three girls together: Violet, Calla and Emerson!

Leading up to the release of Glass Faerie, I put together the previous six Creepy Hollow books and did a limited-time price promotion of $0.99. One of my goals with that bundle was to make it onto the USA Today Bestseller List. Unfortunately, despite selling several thousand copies, the bundle didn’t make it onto the list. I did, however, get a whole lot of new readers!

Scarlett and Raven got a makeover

I travelled to Durban to be on a panel at a conference for school librarians and finally met the TOTALLY awesome Melissa Delport in real life!

By the time I finished Shadow Faerie, it was my longest book to date!
I love the back cover of Rebel Faerie. A glimpse of the human world from the fae world.
Whew! ? I did it! I finished a 9-book series!


Reminder: I’ve created a special 10th anniversary design for the merchandise in my Society6 store. If you zoom in on the design, you’ll see that all the main characters (main character + love interest) from all the books I’ve written over the past ten years are featured in tiny text inside the 1 and 0!

i.e. Vi, Ryn, Calla, Chase, Em, Dash, Ridley, Archer, Elle, Dex, Sarah, Aiden, Livi, Adam, Andi, Noah, Sophie and Caleb.

There are some other secondary characters I really wanted to include, but once I started adding them … the list began to grow too long. ?


Another reminder: I’m giving away 20 signed, personalized prints with the 10th anniversary design (see the picture below) to 20 random people who leave a comment on this blog over the next ten days. All you have to do to enter is comment on this blog post or one of the others between now and March 10th. ?

SCHEDULE: 10 Days Celebrating 10 Years of Publishing

DAY 1 (2012): It Began with Two Words | Giveaway: Creepy Hollow paperback trilogies

DAY 2 (2013): Full-Time Author!

DAY 3 (2014): Stepping into my Contemporary Romance Shoes | Giveaway: Trouble series paperbacks

DAY 4 (2015): A Return to Creepy Hollow

DAY 5 (2016): Exploring Side Characters’ Stories

DAY 6 (2017): Three Books in One Year: The Completion of Creepy Hollow!

DAY 7 (2018): Creating a New Fantasy World | Giveaway: Ridley Kayne Chronicles

DAY 8 (2019): Fairytale Fun | Giveaway: City of Wishes paperback/hardback

DAY 9 (2020): The Year That Shall Not Be Named!

DAY 10 (2021): BOOK NEWS! Introducing World Of …