Finally! I’ve been waiting all month for this to show up on retailers!

There are a bunch of smaller stores as well as libraries where it should also be available (or available soon, if not there already), so if there’s somewhere else you like to get your audiobooks, or if you use a library app, just search for it!

And if you want to listen to a sample, here’s a three minute file:

This audiobook was independently published, which means I’ve been able to set the price significantly lower than the Creepy Hollow audiobooks. (Yay for you!) I don’t have full control over the final price some retailers decide on, but in most stores, it’s about HALF of some of the Creepy Hollow audiobooks! 😀

The narrator of Elemental Thief is the awesome Arielle DeLisle, who narrated Calla’s three books of the Creepy Hollow series. (She’s done a bunch of other cool YA titles too 😉 ) She did SUCH a great job with this book! I can’t wait for you to listen to it 🙂