Nine years ago, on March 5th, I published my first title!

(It would have been cool to post about this ON March 5th, on the exact anniversary, but by the time I remembered we were actually in March, the 5th had already passed us by! #lifehappens)

So! I figured we should celebrate ?

A New Short Story/Bonus Scene

I thought it would be fun to write something short, set in one of my existing worlds, the details of which will be chosen by YOU!

1. Fill in this very short form to choose what you’d like to read about.

2. I’ll write something short (a scene, or several scenes, I haven’t decided yet) based on the most popular choices.

3. I’ll send you this new story in my next email!


I’m giving away a mug, a tote bag, and a Creepy Hollow hardcover book!

> i.e. one winner receives a mug, one winner receives a tote bag, and one winner receives a book.

> Winners will be able to choose the mug design, bag design, and specific Creepy Hollow hardcover book.

> Open internationally.

> Giveaway ends midnight Thur 25 Mar, Eastern Time.