YES! More new covers! A few weeks ago I revealed new covers for the Trouble Series, and now it’s Creepy Hollow’s turn. You may be wondering why, since these books got new covers about a year ago, they’re getting NEW new covers so soon. The main reason is this: the other covers utilised stock images. Which meant that those same images showed up on other book covers. In fact, for a while there was a book in the Amazon “Also Bought” section of The Faerie Guardian that had the exact same image on the front! Cringe …

So I decided my Creepy Hollow babies deserved some custom photography. I contacted Regina Wamba of Mae I Design (if you haven’t come across her work, she’s a fabulous photographer AND cover designer), gave her a whole lot of instructions, picked a model I thought could pull off Violet’s look, and voila! Regina did her magic! I can’t tell you how excited I was when she sent the proofs from that photo shoot. I spent AGES combing through them to pick just three for these covers!

Now, just in case you haven’t scrolled down yet (which I’m sure you have by this point), here they are in all their gorgeousness 🙂









I LOVE THEM!!! Especially the last one. It perfectly depicts Violet in all her kick-assery (which is totally a word, by the way)! And the first one too … so beautifully, purpley magical. And the second one is so perfect for the Seelie Court. (You see, I can’t have favorites between my book babies 😉 )


Creepy Hollow Series Rachel Morgan