Even though ELEMENTAL HEIR has been available for preorder on certain retailers for quite some time, I don’t think I ever actually did an official cover reveal. So if you haven’t seen it yet, HERE IT IS!

The release of this book was originally planned for September last year, but being pregnant slowed me down (both physically and mentally, ha ha 😉 ), so I moved the date to March 31st this year, hoping that would be enough time after Riley was born for me to finish ELEMENTAL HEIR.

But, as it turns out, Miss Riley Pie barely sleeps during the day, leaving me with approximately five and a half seconds in which to do any daytime writing ? So I’ve been writing at night after she falls asleep (when I’m SO well rested after hanging out with her all day … HA HA ?).

So when I set up the Amazon preorder for ELEMENTAL HEIR recently, I gave myself more leeway (since Amazon can be sticky about moving preorder dates) and set the release for May 26th, 2020.

So. When is the ACTUAL release date for this book?

I’m not totally sure at this point ? But I’ll most likely end up pulling the Amazon date earlier and pushing the Apple Books, Kobo, Google etc date (which currently still says March 31) later.

But I’ll obviously let you know once the date has been confirmed!

In the meantime, if you’d like to make sure the ebook simply appears on your e-reader when it’s available, you can preorder here: