This is post #4 in my blog series looking at self-publishing from a South African perspective. Check out the full list of posts on the Self-Publishing in South Africa page 🙂

As I pointed out in the introduction to this blog series, having access to the Internet means you don’t have to work with professionals who are based in your country. Email, Skype, Google Docs, Dropbox and other online services make it easy to communicate and collaborate with people all over the world. But if you’d prefer someone local, here’s a list of South African freelance publishing professionals. This is a post-in-progress, and I’ll continue adding to it as names are brought to my attention 🙂


Ebook & Print Book Formatters
(aka Ebook Conversion & Print Typesetting)

Renee Naude
David Henderson @ My eBook


Illustrators and Book Cover Designers

Renee Naude
Wendy Bow @ Apple Pie Graphics
David Henderson @ My eBook


Editors & Proofreaders

Catherine Busch Eberle @ Wordweavers
Angela Meadon
David Henderson @ My eBook
Kim McCarthy
Nerine Dorman
Bronwen Muller
Lisa Witepski


Audiobook Producers

David Henderson @ My eBook


Publicists/Online Promotion

Helen Holyoake @ Helco Promotions
Monique Bernic


Please mention names in the comments if you’d like to recommend a local freelance publishing professional 🙂

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